What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a lot. It’s a massive platform for an arsenal of Customer Relationship Management tools. It’s completely cloud-based, which means its users have nothing to download or update. It’s basically an enormous database with some pretty fancy available features.

Salesforce spreadsheets (or tables) are a bit like Google Sheets, in that they are cloud-based, shareable, and collaborable (that’s not a word, apparently, but it should be) spreadsheets, except they are way more robust. For example, each row in a spreadsheet is saved as an independent record and has its own meta-data, such as when it was…

I mean, come on. With his first few albums being titled “+”, “×”, and “÷”, this potential math/music pun is staring us all right in the face. Maybe we can at least hope for a “Loga-Rhythms” at some point?? If not, serious missed opportunities, dude!

Ed Sheeran calculating his next album name, probably.

ANYWAY- So what’s the deal with Algorithms? More specifically, if you are new to the realm of Computer Science / Programming, why should you care about this buzzword? Great question.

The term ‘algorithm’ may sound a bit fancy to the unfamiliar, but the word really just means some sort of set of repeatable steps. Consider…

Before my current career transition into CS, I spent the last decade in the field of Mathematics. Throughout that time, I did some programming here and there too, but it wasn’t my main focus. Like, you know that friend you get along with super well and really ‘click’ with (that’s not a JS pun, but it’s also not not a JS pun...), but you only see each other maybe once a month or so. Well that was me and CS. Math, on the other hand, was the friend I saw 5+ times a week. You could say we were pretty…

Using Ruby and ActiveRecord, I attempted to create a domain model for a Family Tree. During the process I learned several new things, including but not limited to:

  • “Filial” is a nifty lil’ word for a parent-child type of relationship.
  • There is no nifty lil’ word for the gender-neutral version of aunts and uncles! (Like mother and father → parents; but aunt and uncle → ???) I ended up using the word “auntcles”.
  • The same problem persists with niece and nephew, hence another new zak-created word was born: “niephcews”. Gesundheit. …

Zachary Dagnall

Passionate about all sorts of things, from learning languages to serving the underserved, and much more. Currently developing my skills as a software developer.

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